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Fruits / Vegetables

Bluebonnet Hydroponic Farms

We are a family run business dedicated to supplying top quality hydroponic produce. We strive to stay on top of the ever changing trends of the food industry. As the season’s change so do our specialty items helping to keep your menu fresh.

Patty’s Herbs- Pearsall, TX

Patty’s Herbs was founded in 1981 by Patty Johnson. Located in Pearsall, Texas, about an hour south of San Antonio, Patty’s Herbs’ customers include retail grocers, produce distributors, institutional food service companies and food processors.

Patty’s Herbs product line includes eighteen varieties of fresh culinary herbs and edible flowers, which are available year around.

Francis and Thatcher Farms- Allen, TX

Francis & Thatcher Farms is part of the Happy Healthy Produce family, a Texas farm that grows nutritiously delicious greens and herbs for local restaurants and consumers. Almost 200,000 plants are growing at any given time in an environmentally controlled facility near Manor, TX.

Francis & Thatcher Farms is available to quality focused wholesalers and retail grocers who want the freshest in farm to table produce.

Kitchen Pride Mushrooms, Gonzales, TX

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms is the only family-owned, full-service, Mushroom Farm in the state of Texas. Grown for Texans … by Texans, Kitchen Pride celebrates the love of mushrooms in national standing as one of the country’s premiere mushroom farms. 

Known as “The Mushroom of Texas”, Kitchen Pride has been consistently producing fresh, locally-grown, premium quality mushrooms in a state of the art growing facility in Gonzales, Texas since 1988. By providing our customers and consumers education and information on the benefits of mushrooms, we set out to inspire you to cook mushrooms in ways you may never have imagined.

Village Farms – Marfa, TX- Greenhouse Grown

Village Farms uses reusable coconut fiber, not soil, to support the plants in the hydroponic solution. With hydroponics there is no soil erosion or loss of precious soil nutrients. We use less land to grow more, 20-30 times more per acre compared to growing outdoors. A fifty acre greenhouse can produce the same amount as a 1500 acre farm. We use 70% less land to grow the same amount of tomatoes grown outdoors.

Johnson’s Backyard Garden – Austin, TX – Certified Organic

Johnson’s Backyard Garden literally got its start in a small urban backyard. In 2004, we completely transformed our backyard in the Holly Street neighborhood in East Austin into a working garden and started selling our produce at the Austin Farmers Market.

Richard Barrett Farms- Hereford, TX

For over 100 years, family-owned and operated Barrett Potato Farms has been growing and shipping fresh, seasonal potatoes throughout the United States and Canada. From our first crop of potatoes in Idaho in 1910 to our farms across the Texas panhandle today, our potatoes continue to be high quality, great tasting and fresh all summer long.

-red potatoes

Paramount Farms- Mission, TX

It all begins in our groves. That’s where abundant sunshine and rich soil work together to grow the finestcitrus – citrus that’s sweet, juicy, healthy and beautiful.

These groves – over 50,000 acres in all – are located where conditions are ideal for cultivating citrus: California’s San Joaquin Valley and Ventura County, South Texas and Mexico.

But growing the best fruit is only the beginning. Because we’re the largest vertically integrated citrus company in the world, we can provide you quality citrus all year long, from month to month and season to season.

Verstuyft Farms, Von Army, TX

Verstuyft Farms is located in Von Army, TX.  They supply Truckin’ Tomato with Calabacita Squash.

J & B Farms- Hondo, TX

The journey of J&B Farms and Jack’s Produce is a real success story. In 2001, David Jones started J&B Farms, a fresh market snap green beans and cabbage business. Product was sold fresh from the truck, with no packing shed. Longtime friends Jones and Joe Koch (who has 25 years of produce experience) partnered in 2004 when an opportunity arose to purchase part of Jack’s Produce. Jones bought a share of the company along with his uncle. J&B Farms began operating as the growing/farming arm of the sister companies, and Jack’s Produce runs the packing, cooling and shipping from its Pearsall, Texas facility.